Logic Pro 9 AU Plug-ins not showing up


Hi there, Folks

I just bought the Abbey Road Brilliance Pack, along with my first iLok. Installed all the stuff for the iLok and transferred the license, installed the trials, launched Logic Pro and expected to see them in an insert under the Audio Units category (under all the native Logic Plugins) but it hasn't shown up! I reinstalled, checked to make sure there was a file in the Library: Audio: Components folder - there is. What could I be doing wrong?

Super grateful for any help with this!

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Sorry, just to be clear - I bought Brilliance Pack and simultaneously downloaded the Mastering plugin trial. I had a problem with the installation of the Brilliance pack (and have been waiting to hear back from Abbey Road tech support) but the Mastering Trial installation succeeded, so moving forward with that!
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If your plugins are 32 Bit, make sure to boot Logic in 32Bit mode first, (press command +I on the logic icon and check the "open in 32bit mode) so it'll read the new plugins, when you switch to 64Bit they'll appear under the AU (32Bit) heading.
Good Luck
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