Logic Pro 9 AU Scan stall


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I am running Logic 9.17 in 64-bit mode on a Macbook Pro 2.3Ghz i7 w/8Gb under OSX 10.6.8, running only 64-bit plug-ins. It has been relatively stable in this configuration, and I have not recently changed anything significant, other than installing some new plug-ins. But I find now the AU scan process just stalls consistently on the window that says something like "scanning 34 new AU plugins" or words to that effect. It won't allow me to cancel, but there is no progress - ie it consistently shows that 0 plugins have been scanned. What's odd is that it is definitely not a hang - I still have access to the menus, and I can even quit from the menu or via keyboard, I just can't get past the scan process. There is no "hidden" dialog box (checked this about 1000X). If I remove all the new plugins Logic boots fine, but if I put ANY of them back in (they're from a number of different developers) it goes back to stalling on the AU scan. I have trashed prefs and the caches for both Logic and the auvaltool, but so far it's annoyingly unchanging. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
Do you see a little "AU Validator" app in your dock? You should... press on that to bring up the AU validator box... you can usually cancel here. You also see the "note" the validator makes... BTW sometimes you have to press on the validate button 2X... a bug I suspect.

The other thing is to be patient, some plug-ins take a very long time to validate, sometime a minute or 2, longer than one would usually wait.