Logic Pro 9 Audio channel random solos.

Hi all,

A project I'm working on has an audio track that solos at various parts of the song and not always at the same location each time it plays through. For example, 1 time it will solo the channel at bar 9 and then again later in the song. Next time it will not solo at bar 9 but will at bar 13 etc. I'm not using the mouse or my keyboard during any of this. I tried deleting all the track automation but it still happens. I don't remember doing anything unusual on this track, I'm pretty much a novice Logic Pro 9 user.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to clarify that I'm not trying to intentionally solo the channel, these are unwanted "random" events. Also the solo button looks normal, there is no red line through it etc.

Thanks again