Logic Pro 9 audio editing


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i have some old audio recordings with the vocal on the right channel and some awful synth on the left, is there a way to delete the synth and make the vocal appear on both channels?:brkwl:

Doug Zangar

If the voice and synth are hard panned left and right it should be quite easy. Change the balance so you're hard to the side of the voice (effectively muting the synth). Then bounce out by clinking the bounce button on your stereo out, but not before changing its format to mono.

Alternately you could also convert the file to split stereo (its been so long since I've done this I'm not sure, but that may be all you need to do) then set the balance to dead center.

And mute or delete the synth track, of course.....
Ah, there is a much simpler way!

On the bottom of the track you are wanting to play only one side, hold down the tiny icon that turns the track to mono or stereo. you should see a L as well as an R, One is for left side only, the other for right. just select the one you wish to hear.


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worked like a charm, i guess there are lots of little secret buttons i havent found yet, only worked with logic9 a few weeks
thank you