Audio files changed location within timeline


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I have been working on a project with a client for more than a year. No work was done on the file for about six months. The client requested some changes to song and I discovered that in all of my copies of the file the audio files of the lead vocal are either gone or shifted significantly to the right. This shift to the right is at least two bars, not just a small amount. Also, some of the audio files contain nothing when I double click on them. I am not warned when opening the project that audio files are missing. When I open the package contents of the file I see my audio files.

When opening the file I'm shown a message I've never seen before saying that one or multiple audio files changed in length. It adds that as a result, 94 audio regions changed in length or content position.

The shifting of these audio files is definitely nothing I would have done since the starting position of the audio is significantly to the left of where it should start.

Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks in advance for your replies.