Logic Pro 9 Audio Files Not Found


Hello all! Finally finding my way around Logic 9 - for anyone who helped months ago - thanks for that.

Anyway, I created a new project in Logic and liked the plugins, track set ups, busses, etc. I then opened the same project, deleted the audio files from the audio folder and saved as the next project. Now everytime I open those projects I have to click "skip all" when I get the following message:

The audio file "Bari#01.wav" was not found in its expected location: You can now "Locate" that file manually, let Logc "Search" it on all mounted Volumes....

No biggie, but I'd like to remedy this so I can just open the project without this extra step.

The second issue is with only one of the projects I created this way. With this one project I get the message:

The file "Alto#01.wav" is not recognized by Logic Pro. Please ensure that the file properties are correct and that it is a supported file type.

This is not a file I need for the project and I'd like to tell Logic not to use it or look for it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The issue is that you didn't empty your audio bin during your process.

Open the file you want to use as your main template, and them open the bin, and select all, then delete.

Now resave as template you you're good to go.

On the other song, just take a look in the bin for the missing file and press delete, then resave.

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