Logic Pro 9 Audio Import Bug

Hey guys,

I recently moved over from years on ProTools to Logic so still working it out, but I seem to have this weird problem importing audio, and my friend who has used Logic for years cant work it out either.

Whenever I import audio, whether from the Browser list, or via the menu, the new track I have created for the new audio seems to play the audio of the previous audio track in the session, and doesnt play the actual audio I've imported, but then if I create a new track, and drag the audio I imported to it, I can listen to the new import no problem, and then even though the previous track now has no regions on it, it is still playing the error audio from the previous track..

Sorry hard to explain.

So the first import I make into a session is fine.

But then any audio or rex file imports following the track, have this bug where the audio from the above audio track is playing. Even if I solo this new track, all I hear is the error audio. When I mute this track, it of course turns off.

Have looked at the mixer channels, no problem. All is on its own Voice etc.

Is this a bug? Has anyone else encountered this...Its very frustrating, and I'm forced to load up PT again until I get it worked out.

I installed the update the other day thinking it would fix it but no luck. I am currently on 9.1.3
hi, could you upload an offending session so we can have a look/listen at it?

do you use a user template at start-up or just the "empty session" from logic?

FTR i dont have the problem you have ( or at least my reading of the problem you have)
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Is this a bug? Has anyone else encountered this...

As you can imagine, we are reasonably aware of bugs here and I haven't heard of that one, so I wonder if it's something as simple as dragging the new audio onto a duplicate of a track, rather than it being an actual different track.

I don't know PT, but it could just be a confusion over different ways that things look.

Logic can have two "tracks" of the same Channel strip, and if each has different audio files, one will take precedence over the other, causing what you describe.
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Wow you guys are quick. Thankyou.

OK, so after some experimenting with my buddy Jim Marr, who you probably know from the forum, we worked out that it was an issue with the 'Universal Track Mode' Pref.

Seems that if this option is unchecked, when you drag audio files in, there is an issue with the mix of mono and stereo tracks...Not sure what exactly, but either way having the box checked solved the issue.

On another note, here's a couple other questions we had.

So I was setting up my drum tracking template as I have in PT, basically a mix of 16 Aux channels with SSL plugs which is my mixer, and then these are individually bussed to 16 Audio tracks which are the actual drum record tracks...

When trying to get my tracks in the order I like I found you can only shift tracks on the arrange page and not directly on the mixer. Is that right?
If so, is there any way to select a number of tracks on the arrange page so I dont have to shift one track at a time?

When trying to send a submix of a number of channels to Alternate outs on the Apogee, we found that you can only choose a BUS for a send and not an ACTUAL INTERFACE OUTPUT, and then I need to change the Out on the Send Auxillary channel to the ACTUAL INTERFACE OUT I am wanting..
It seems that on the older version you could choose a Bus or an Out for a send, right?

Thanks guys. Nice to have a supportive Logic family.
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glad you got the import issue sorted.

re MIXER AFAIK the "mixer" is permanently linked to the arrange page and you have to move the tracks in the arrange. One of the reasons i use the environment more than the mixer.
Also you can not select multiple arrange tracks to move in the arrange! (or delete) so annoying.. I'd love to be surprised and informed to know that this has changed. Pete?
Ive requested it via apple feedback :-(

re channel sends . I do not remember there ever being an option to have hardware outputs available in the sends slots, only busses. (Ive been on board since V4.)

for clarity,are you trying to send the same submix to different outputs at the same time?

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Thanks for the reply.

No at the moment just sending one submix to one alt. out, but I'm guessing when I do want to send to mltiple outs, I would just create another Auxillary with the send bus as an input and output to a different out.

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