Logic Pro Audio Latency in particular track only

Rick VC

Hi, I am on a M1 Mac Studio nd using UAD Apollo Twin x. When I try to use an amp sim (native) I get a terrible latency that is not according to what the setting screen tells me (screenshot). When I make a new project or try another project there is no latency issue at all. Any suggestions to get the latency issue out of this project?

thx, Rick
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-08-19 om 15.57.42.png
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-08-19 om 18.01.33.png
Yes (Ozone) but I disengaged it, but that did not make a difference. I will take it out and see what happens.

Took Ozone completely off and that worked! Thx!

It is normal (and correct) that deactivating a plugin does not affect the general latency, which is always as long as the longest latency reported by a plugin in the project. Otherwise, with automation or in live operation, the latency would change every time a plug-in is switched on or off.
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