Audio module for just playing piano?


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Is there a piece of software out there I can use to just play piano sounds with my MIDI controller without having to open Logic or Garage Band?

I'd like to just plug in my keyboard, open a small footprint app and play piano, anybody know of anything like that?


Well, the price isn't too bad ($180 VS 99) but the "+ 1 year of support and updates" makes me really nervous. I've never seen software with a 1 year update policy.

I've downloaded the demo and I'll let you know what I think (not that that's any think to consider, it's always the buyers own ears that are important).
No, it's modeling. It doesn't take a lot of memory or cpu, sounds good without much tweaking, etc. Feels responsive to touch. Very "playable" IMHO.
I played it live via Mainstage for about 3 1/2 years in several bands (Blues, Rock-Opera, Pop Duo ...) Just stopped with it cause I bought a Nord Stage 2 some months ago, so I normally don´t need the macbook anymore for live playing.
I don't personally like the modeled pianos, they sound plastic-ish to my ears. If you have a good Kontakt or Play sample based library, you can just open Kontakt or Play in Standalone mode and use it.