Logic Pro (X) Audio off grid


New Member
Before I start to build my track I have to zoom in and fix all the audio so that it is on the right possessions. Sometimes

When I zoom in as much as possible and put the playhead on the exact point where I want to split it it cuts the audio just a tiny bit wrong.

This could be enough to destroy the track so I am no able to copy out my parts. I could go on hours just to fix this before I start to arrange the track an its making my angry. I drag the audio so that it is th long and then I split it by playhead or locater. This is sometimes not clipping right and in the end I have to bounce it.

I use the smart function and unchecked the alignment guides but this is not helping. Sometimes it worked better after I quantized the audio to 16th but I don't know why. Is the information inside the audio effecting this? Every time I do this I conceder changing DAW or I ask my self what am I doing wrong. I also wounder why this problem that I also had with logic 9 is still there.