Logic Pro X Audio Playback Out of Sync


I have recently updated to Logic 10.3.2, and I've encountered a new problem. I've recently recorded vocals for a song. At first, the audio played back perfectly in time, but after a few hours, the audio started to play out of sync. It is very slightly ahead of where it should be playing. To troubleshoot, I have removed all plugins on the track, and put them back on. I have created a new track and copied the recording, but the problem comes back. I have set my recording delay to 0 samples. I have switched the audio from surround to stereo and mono. I'm very lost on where the source of the problem is; does anyone have ideas?
To fix it, I can just drag the audio a little behind so that is plays where I want it to, but it occasionally switches back to playing back in sync, so I can't reliably keep it in one place and have it play correctly. Thanks for your help.

Computer: Macbook Pro, 3.1 GHz i7, 16GB RAM
Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3
Logic Pro 10.3.2


Hi Pete, thanks for your reply. I've since updated to 10.4.1, but there is no change with the audio. It is still playing ahead of where it should be.


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Hi aergiluh!

I am experiencing the exact same problem! I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it either. However, I've noticed (since I've had this problem before) that sometimes when you delete the track where you might say 'the troubles start', the playback goes back in sync. Once you add the problem track again it freaks out again. It's like Logic has a threshold to a certain extent where it says: 'from this point on I am not going to play in sync'.

Let me know when you were able to fix the problem... I could use some help too!