Logic Pro 8 Audio playback problem when midi-synth added


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Hey everyone,

I'm new to this forum and to Logic Pro so please bear with me as I try to describe my problem.

I recorded a guitar sample with my mic/mixer into logic and the playback was fine initially. When I added a software synth (the Native Instruments B4 II synth to be precise), the playback on the guitar track dropped significantly in quality, as if I had put a low-resolution filter on it. When I remove the midi track the audio track resumes its previous quality. I thought at first that I only needed to increase the buffer size. I increased it to 1024 samples (from 256) which fixes the problem until I try to record with my midi track.

I am running Logic Pro 8, version 8.0.1 on a 2.2 GHz macbook Pro.

Any ideas anyone may have would be really appreciated. I'm at a loss and just exploring the program randomly at this point. Thanks!


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Update: i guess the problem was with the "denoiser" effect I added to the channel, but I still can't figure out why that might cause such a problem when it worked fine before I added my midi-channel

Colin Shapiro

Odd problem....

My suggestions:
1 - Get Logic 8.0.2, just in case (free update)
2 - Check your CPU meters in Logic - are they maxing out at all?
3 - You need to tell us how much RAM you have - more RAM always helps.


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Thanks for the quick response,

I'll update and see if that fixes the issue. My cpu meters aren't maxing out and it looks as if the audio track is being handled by one core, and the midi track by the other. I have 4 gigs of DDR2 ram.