Logic Pro 9 Audio recording after thought


Today as I was jamming along (playing bass) to the song I was producing it dawned on me half way through the song that if I punched in now I'd actually have the whole song recorded! When you use punch in recording Logic is recording the audio where ever you started playback. As long as you punch in at some point you can retrieve the audio prior to the punch in by dragging the soundbite out to the left. I use capture last take all the time for midi and now I feel like I have a similar technique for audio (as long as I do a punch in of course). The rule of thumb is that you should always be recording anyways as even the very first time through a song there can be some great stuff but I know we don't always do that. I'm surprised I haven't seen this audio thing brought to attention more as an actual thing to keep in mind (maybe it has and I just missed it).


It is a fine feature and many great takes have been created here on that account. So the rule isn't that you should always be recording anymore, more that you should always keep the "tape" rolling. Should anything cool come up you can always make it a recording if you punch in.


That feature is a result of how hard disks like to work. They don't like suddenly being told to start recording while data is already moving. Punch in mode is a way round this by virtually recording from the play point and it's a bonus for the workflow too as mentioned. Other recording software works like this also.

As an aside, for some reason ableton doesn't but it seems to work differently because you can arm tracks in play without playback being interrupted.


I never don't record. There's absolutely never a reason to not record, except if nobody is actually doing any performing (say, everybody is sitting on the couch listening only).

The moment ANYBODY is in a prone position to play along (sing, whatever), I'm in RECORD mode. There's absolutely no sonic difference... except that it's all recorded.

The workflow for me has been: record everything, and erase stuff that is definitely absolutely of no use to anybody in the universe. And as hard drives get bigger and cheaper, the rush to erase crap has become less and less. So it's only at the end of a project before I archive do I bother erasing stuff that will never be used.