Logic Pro 9 Audio Regions Changing In Length

Sean O'Neil

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Does anybody know how to remedy this situation? I'm doing a 1.5 hour sound design session (w/ 130 tracks) and every other week or so I get this message after waking up to start the day: "One or multiple audio files changed in length, As a result, 11 audio regions changed in length or content position."

Is this an issue of a corrupt file? Is it possible I'm not saving my project in the right folder sequence? Would cleaning up and consolidating my project (in the middle of it) possibly help (or hurt) the situation?



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Annoyingly this does seem to happen occasionally. It shouldn't, provided all audio files are kept in the project folder and not shared between projects.

It could be possible of course if Logic crashes after you did an edit with Time & Pitch machine or trim, but presumably you would know if this was the case.
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I get it occasionally as well. No definite cause and effect, but I think Peter's right in that a crash after a destructive edit and before saving could certainly be a contributing factor.

The other thing to consider is that if it the file(s) have been edited outside fo Logic, this might happen as well. Possibly even just "playing" the files in another app.... But I'm just speculating.
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Logic's "Logic"

At a minimum, it would be polite of this very sophisticated and advanced program to at least identify which (out of 100's) of regions has changed in length or content.

Maybe in the next version?


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I have been battling this same issue. Here is what I suggest. As soon as you're done recording a track, NAME YOUR REGIONS!!! Do not leave as a generic name such as, Region 01. or Comp 01. What happened to me is after opening a session with several tracks that all have the same generic region names, Logic gets confused. Be especially careful before you flatten and merge. This gets me every time I forget to rename the region first.


Name regions a unique name after recording.
Before you flatten and merge a comp file rename. (Number 1 offender)
The more obvious is to save your session after you rename.
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