Logic Pro 8 Audio to Midi?

Logic offers various methods to convert Audio to midi - look for the audio to score function in the sample editor -> factory menu. Be aware that this function is very dependent on the source material. It works well for individual drum tracks, it may work on monophonic material such as bass guitar, but with polyphonic audio you will in all likelihood not find the results terribly satisfying.

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I agree with mark, and another way to do monophonic transcription is via melodyne, if you have it.

In fact Melodyne has been promising to do this polyphonically for a while and I am one of thousands who are waiting for it's release

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MarkDVC, i've got to the window showing the audio to score detail and that worked fine for a bass riff. But it still is an audio file. I don't know what to do with it to turn it into midi?

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