Audio trouble shooting-baffled



I'm using Logic 10.5.1 on a maxed-out 2015 MacBook Pro running 10.15.6. My interface is a USB Apogee Duet (midi version). I have the duet plugged into a 2-year-old ART SLA1 power amp. This is connected to a pair of vintage Alesis Monitor One MK2 vintage passive speakers. I'm getting random distortion which sounds like digital clipping but Logic does not show clipping and this distortion also shows up on video playback both with YouTube videos and with DVD's. When I listen using headphones, there is no distortion. I have reinstalled the Duet drivers, reset Maestro, and replaced the USB hub in case that's the issue. Also it seems to be coming out of just the left speaker but, as I said, the problem is random and infrequent. Most of the time the playback is fine. I'm thinking this may be a speaker issue since those are by far the oldest components in my system but I don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for new monitors if there is some other possible explanation. Anything else I should try?


Switch L and R between interface and amp. Does the problem change sides ? If yes, the problem comes from the interface. If not, switch L and R between amp and speakers. Does the problem change sides ? If yes, the problem comes from the amp. If not, it comes from the speaker.