Audio Units in Lion


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The purpose of this thread is to list out Audio Units according to whether/how they run in OSX 10.7 Lion.

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AU Plug-ins Compatibility

Howdy, just had an e-mail for Audio Ease. Altiverb 6 will not work under Lion. Version 7 is in the works and will! When? well anybody's guess! Spectrasonics Software Insts ie. Omnispehere RMX etc. is in the works! Currently they will not work...NI Kontakt 4 will work BUT only in 32bit mode...64bit later Sept maybe sooner. Mr C
Thanks for starting this thread Mark. Hope it gets very long and full of positive posts very quickly.

Judging from a quick look around, it seems that East West's Play 3 works in Lion, which indicates that iLok works as well.

VSL users have said that VI Pro and VE Pro work, but no official word from Vienna as yet.

It's obvious that we also need to consider other factors such as audio hardware, drivers, etc in order to be confident enough to upgrade to Lion.
MOTU & Melodyne

I have just seen the MOTU site, audio interfaces are out of commission PCI Firewire and I presume USB. Working on it. Melodyne seems ok. Many are stuck with 32bit mode but work. Its all the dynamics and EQ we use everyday Sonnx etc. Just time Mr. C
Just as an FYI, the only plugs I've had trouble with since installing Lion are that Flux plugins, Sonnox and XILS plugins crashed AU validation.

Play 3, Waves, Tone 2, Native Instruments* (yes, I've read the notice on the NI website), Rob Papen, Lin Plug, FXPansion, Camel Audio, Arturia, Acustica, Sonalksis, Ohm Force, IK, SPL, Softube, are running fine so far in both 32 and 64 bit modes.

I do always run the most current versions of all plugins.

* I don't use all my NI plugs any more, what is on my hard drive are Reaktor and Absynth.
I forgot to include Yellow Tools' Independence Pro, Sugar Bytes, and Slate Digital FG-X as running fine (FG-X has had a gui refresh problem since OSX 10.6.8 however it works).
UAD2 plugins work but the control center is behaving a bit strange telling me that I don't have administration rights.
I can add that Pitch'n Time LE, Speakerphone2 and PSP MasterQ doesn't validate but works anyway. As usual they are in a "not compatible" folder and you have to ignore the pop-up box on the way in to Logic.
I have written to all the companies that I have noticed problems with and most have responded and replied that they "are working on it" which is suppport language and means why did you upgrade that soon idiot:)
My reply would be how else are we going to fix it if noone uses it and I have worked 5-6 hours today without any singns of instability.
Oh and what is probably less likely to get fixed the Powercore01 soft synth doesn't validate either. Again it does work.
Can confirm no problems 64 bit with Stylus RMX. Got an email from Softube that their plugs' problem is AU validation, but they expect a fix shortly.

My MOTU fw interfaces are fine.
Just thought I'd chime in here as far as 3rd party compatibility...
Soundtoys, who make an awesome bundle of sound processor/mangling/echoing plugs released this today:

"The Lion is out of the cage and it looks like it's very cool, but...

We wanted our users to know that the current V4.1.1 version of our software is NOT working with Lion and Logic. It appears it's a minor issue with AudioUnits validation only and we are testing a version that seems to run smoothly and hope to have it available as soon as possible after confirming it's solid.

We try to be as bleeding edge as possible but if you're using your SoundToys plug-ins in mixes we suggest you hold off on your upgrade to Lion and we'll let you know when our new Lion/Logic compatible version is available. We'll also be testing and staying on top of the other hosts as they make their move to Lion.

The SoundToys Team."

I won't be upgrading to Lion any time soon.
Sonnox has just mailed me to say that they have updated their plugins and they now validate. I have downloaded the ones have and indeed they do :)
PSP MasterQ also validates as long as you don't run the iLok version.
Now I'm waiting for Speakerphone 2, Pitch'n Time and Powercore 01. The last one is could turn out to be a problem since the platform is dead but the other two are hopefully working on it. They are certainly in the more pricey end of companies where a certain level of support could be expected. In spite of that the people from Audio Ease says there is no time frame yet which is either not good enough or really honest depending on your expectations:)
Still they all work, they just don't validate
>>Sonnox has just mailed me to say that they have updated their plugins and they now validate. I have downloaded the ones have and indeed they do :)<<

Hmmm...I saw this, and emailed Sonnox because my download link only had the earlier versions, and they emailed me that they don't have updated plugins yet (August 4).

Are you a beta tester?
No I am not but I was probably the first one to write to them and tell them the plugins didn't validate.
Í got a mail from support starting like this "Further to our recent emails, we have prepared some new Mac installers for your Oxford EQ and Dynamics X8 Edition plug-ins".
Why they are telling you that no updates are available I don't know, I'm not in the studio now but I seem to remember the numbers were 1.42 and 1.72 if that makes any sense at all.
I have validation problems with these Plug-ins:

Audio Ease Speakerphone 2.0.3
Izotope Ozone 3.1.5
MOTU Symphonic Instrument 1.1.3
PSPaudioware PSP Nitro 1.1.2
USB PlugSoundPro 1.0.4
XILS-lab polyKB II 1.0.0
XILS-lab Synthix 1.00
Waves OneKnob Wetter (m) 8.0.0
Waves OneKnob Wetter (m->s) 8.0.0
Waves OneKnob Wetter (s) 8.0.0
(all other OneKnobs work!)
I have spoken to PSP, who tell me Vintage Warmer, Stereopack, Mixpack and Oldtimer should be fine. I couldn't find anything on their site about this though.
I think a problem is the PACE/interlok driver.
All plugins with validation problems in Logic 9(.1.5) are iLok proctected...