Logic Pro 9 Audio via Headphones and USB


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I am new to Logic Express 9. I have a iMac and my projects play audio either via my headphones (which are plugged into the iMac) or the Bose Companion that is plugged into the USB port. I control this via the Preferences/Audio. Sometimes switches causes Logic to crash.

My question is how to I get both to play at the same time? I find that I want to hear my projects through the Bose, which is superior sound and the head phones at the same time.

Any help is appreciated. I am a good student! Thanks!


I'm not sure if this will work, but you can try it:

* Set up an aggregate device for both of these audio output engines in the Audio MIDI setup utility in the OS X Utilities folder.

* Select this aggregate device as your driver in Logic.

* Route all of your channel strips to an unused bus instead of directly to an output channel strip.

* Create two aux channel strips, both receiving input from that same bus that you have all your channel strips outputting to.

* Now that duplicate full mix signals are arriving at each of these to aux channel strips; set the out put of one of them to one of your physical outputs and the other to the other physical output.

I haven't tried this so can't confirm it will work. But it "should"; at least on paper anyway.
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