Logic Pro 9 audio waveforms wont show on arrange


Hi gang,
Strange thing happening to a session.
I cannot see waveform overviews in the arrange. I see the waveforms in sample editor, and I've refreshed overviews in sample editors, but it will not update on the arrange....
anyone seen this before?

Mac Pro dual 3ghz
Logic 9
did anyone ever respond to this? I'm having the same issue. Old L8 sessions open and I can see the waveforms fine but if i record a new track, the audio is there whilst in record but once i hit stop, I have a blank region. The audio is there I just can't see waveforms.
It also shows in the sample editor window?
I'm also seeing this now, how bout you?
"Logical end of file reached during read operation
result code= -39"

24"iMac 2.33GHZ core 2 duo
2GB ram
Metric Halo 2882 2d interface
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I had this problem in Logic 9 for some time. It seemed to go away - must have been an update as I trashed my prefs to no avail. I still have some issues with automation becoming visible after I enable it - have no idea if it's the same problem or not. At some point I'm going re re-install Logic to see if that clears it up.
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Yeah this use to happen to me constantly
Just go to the audio bin and select all the audio files where the waveforms aren't showing Then go to options up top (the main one not the one in the audio bin or arrange) go to Audio then "refresh overview(s)" should refresh the waveform.
Usually this happens when your recording, and your running out of memory.
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i ve got the same trouble!!! i don t really understand, go in option/audio/refresh overviews, but you got to do it everytime you have finished your recording. I did not find in fact the solution to do it automaticly!
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