Logic Pro 9 AutoFilter and Automation


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Hi all:

I wish to apply a Constant Rise 4 bar preset-(will make it 8 bar) Autofilter to a number of instruments-MIDI and Audio but want the filter effect to remain at the 8th bar level without recycling back to 1st bar. How can this be done?

I imagined bouncing the tracks in place, editing out the first 8 bars and setting up new AutoFilter at the 8th Bar setting and applying that. I was just thinking there is a better way to do this. :confused

Any advice?


Sorry! Really not clear!
Your AutoFilter setting should remain at the level you had programmed it...
If you mean play your project in cycling mode, consider instead a linear arrangement.


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Atlas. Thanks for reply. I discovered the problem when I looked at larger portion of project with Automation engaged. I have a tendency to chop track regions into equal measures and the point where one region meets another caused the Autofilter to reset. I fixed it by eliminating the new start node on that automation line.