Logic Pro 8 Automap HUI malfunction controlling volume in Logic


Hi all,

Have any of you had the following problem using a Novation ReMote SL 61 controller and Autmap 3.2 in HUI mode? This is specifically a Logic 8 problem for me. (Seems to work fine in Logic 9 on my other system.) When I am running the ReMote in HUI mode (via the Automap template), attempting to control Logic 8, the following happens: all the buttons and the top row of encoders work as expected, but the ReMote's FADERS completely freak out when trying to control volume. Specifics:

1) There is no smooth movement from -∞ to +6 dB whatsoever. If I slowly but repeatedly move the fader all the way from the bottom to the top or vice versa, I *may* get as much of a change as 10dB on Logic's channel strip, but even then it's completely jerky and not uniform in the slightest. (One time the fader could move Logic's volume by 3db, then next time by 10.)

2) If I FLICK the physical fader really quickly, sometimes I can make it jump all the way up to +6. But there is no way to do this slowly, and once again, it's not uniform at all.

3) Looking closely at the Automap GUI, it appears that the fader is somehow also affecting the values of its corresponding pan, solo, and mute pots/buttons - e.g. if the fader moves up +10, the GUI shows the value of the Mute and solo buttons "moving" up +10 (as opposed to 0 or 127). However, this change appears to be only in the Automap GUI; there is no actual effect in Logic - other than the volume fader still not acting as it should. (i.e. I am not actually able to accidentally mute a track in Logic by flicking its volume fader on the ReMote.)

4) Here's where it gets interesting: if I assign volume instead to one of the Pan knobs (the top row of the ReMote), they adjust the volume smoothly as expected. But if I assign volume to one of the smoother 2ND ROW knobs of the ReMote, I get the SAME PROBLEM as with the fader.

4) Once again, the solo, mute, and pan knobs/buttons work as expected in HUI mode. It's just the faders (and the 2nd row of knobs) that are malfunctioning, when volume is assigned to them.

5) The ReMote faders work perfectly fine when set to the Logic Template (template 39). It's only when they're in Automap HUI Mode. Thus, I can assume that it's not a hardware malfunction (right?)...

7) Last but not least, my NOCTURN works absolutely fine controlling volume in HUI mode - it's just the ReMote that's malfunctioning.

My specs: I am on a Mac G5 dual 2.0 Tower, running Logic 8.0.2, on OSX 10.4.11. I am on Automap 3.2 Pro, and plan on updating to 3.3 as soon as the installer is fixed. I have reset the ReMote numerous times, and updated its Firmware. I also have definitely set up and cabled the control surface as instructed in Logic's environment.

Any thoughts anybody has would be much appreciated. Thanks!:brkwl:
For a handful of reasons. First being from a simple workflow perspective with how the ReMote SL is laid out, there are times when I want to have mixer control without leaving the current template. Second, Novation wants to move all of their products to using HUI for mixer control - not original templates - so they are no longer officially supporting or updating such templates. (This is not a problem now, but could be in the future.) Third - and this is the most esoteric/least practical of reasons, but it still plays a role - they say it works. So it *should* work! :)

Mainly though, it's reason number one.
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