Logic Pro 8 Automating a Group


Hi Folks

I use Logic 8 .

I would like to create a track automation for 8 choir tracks. Rather than automating the tracks individually I would like to do it via bus. Do I create a seperate bus track and automate that and allocate all the audio tracks to it?

Also how do you get the bus into the arrange window so I can automate it?
thanks for your help
You're on the right track (sorry about the pun...).

If you haven't done so already, open the mixer and assign all the choir channel strips outputs to the same bus. This will create an Aux channel strip whose input is assigned to that bus. To automate the Aux channel strip, you'll need to place it in the arrange area. Control click on it and select the top option from the shortcut menu: create/select arrange track.
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firstly thanks for the quick reply. I have done all this. I hear the track automation happening however i still hear the original tracks as well... If I automate a swell on the bus's track so it starts completely silent will i still hear the original track in the mix? because im getting both swell and original at the moment
Thanks again Ivan
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Hmmmmm... This should work if properly set up. You shouldn't hear anything if the volue is down all the way on your Aux that is acting as the master volume for your tracks.

Do you have more than one Aux channel strip? Any other Aux inputs assigned to the same bus as the choir CS output?

Are these sample choir tracks from a soft synth? If so, does it have multiple outs?

Duplicate choir tracks?

Choir track CS sends to an effect? Perhaps your hearing the effect's sound. If so, assign the effect aux(es) output to the same bus that the choir channel strips are assigned to.

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