Logic Pro 9 Automating environment fader data

melted state

Ive uploaded a sample screenshot... so tired and not sure what im doing wrong, can someone set me straight please :-D the pictured fader is routed to multiple parameters on multipkle channel strips but when I alter the fader position no data is recorded


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Heh deadlines looming and i have minutes left in the studio... any ideas. i hate being pushy lol cracking pressure headache and there seems to be no solution and ive tried most everything. This is worth many many many marks too!
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So far I can interpret your screenshot this method works for region automation, not for track automation. The fader can be recorded on instrument tracks (as a region) or be a track with regions itself. You can try to move the written region automation to the track but I have never seen this actually working. Normally I use one or more controller tracks for such tasks.

There is however a solution, with a transformer set to "Split Track Automation" and clever routing. Go to John Pitcairn's Website:
Scroll down to the paragraph "External/internal midi CCs to track automation", download and study this small but universal patch and use what you need.

Another method is to send your onscreen fader out to a MIDI port, an IAC bus for example. Must be CC or another standard MIDI event. Then it comes in again as "external MIDI" and you can map the events to your plugin(s) with Logic's Controller Assignments. Processing possibilities are limited this way.

But when I look at your screenshot I would rather go for one or a couple of tracks with region automation. Editing in HyperDraw isn't too bad, curves are available.

.. i have minutes left in the studio...
Complex MIDI processing with automation, neither familiar with the environment nor with Logic's parameter control but only minutes to do it? This will definitely not happen. You need hours, days, weeks or months depending on the size and functionality of the patches you want to build.
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i managed to get it done! the problem was that the fader was sending data on channel 3 even though i set it to channel 1. Simply hitting record and moving the fader solved the problem.

The basic setup is as follows

3 Channel strips (Plugins x y z)
3 transformers

The fader is routed to each transformer which is in turn routed to the respective channels.

In the transformer the fader channel and data byte (monitor this) is fixed to the plugin channel and data byte.

The fader also needs to output control and input fader data
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I'll post some screenshots when I have access to logic... im actually a windows user XD. Its a great solution because you can actually use the vector fader and perform complex scaling operations.

I like the hardware option and I considered that, but I guess once I have a challenge I cant let go until its solved unless time constraints make it literally impossible
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