Logic Pro 7 & earlier Automatio Assign


I have ticked the "All" box in the Automation Assign instead of "individual" so now I have a yellow line through each track and when I lift a fader on one track the volume changes on all.
I'm getting the Assign page back up but there is no box to click to re-select "Individual", can anyone please help.
Logic 7 Mark and 10.4

When I play back say six instruments and I want to automate 1, I select the one to automate and it does just that, but when i'm moving that fader to automate that track the other tracks respond to the volume change...which is not a good thing:(

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Here's the screenshot, notice the yellow line running through each track. If I move the fader on the highlighted track, these lines also move and the volume changes with all tracks.

I need to reset this, but I can't find a way:brkwl:

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