Automation control points

Jay Denson

I would like to be able to create 2 automation points on track stacks. Also it would be nice when adding automation control points with a mouse click to be able to option-click to add add two control points together. This would save me a lot of time.

Jay Denson

Peter Ostry

Staff member
If you mean 2 automation points at the same position, this is not possible.


If you mean points at the beginning and at the end of a selection, this is possible:
Draw a frame with the marquee tool and shift the line inside the selection up or down. This creates two points at each end and moves the middle line where you want it.


Jay Denson

Thanks Peter - that's very neat. I shall be using this a lot. I have asked Apple to look into the Create 2 points at Region Borders with respect to track stacks. But your marquee trick works for track stacks too so happy days.

Much appreciated and kind regards, Jay