Logic Pro 9 Automation on Aux tracks- how to copy and paste multiple instances?

Spacebat Al

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Can anybody tell me how I can move/copy/paste automation data that exists on multiple Aux tracks at the same time as I move/copy/paste midi and audio regions?

Currently I can move/copy/paste multiple midi and audio regions at the same time, and if they also have automation data with them this also gets moved/copied/pasted, BUT its the automation data sitting on my Aux tracks which doesnt :-(

e.g. If I use 'Select Inside Locators' and then alt/drag the regions, Logic refuses to select the automation data on any of my Aux tracks too- so these get left out and I have to manually select each one and copy and paste it by hand which takes ages and is very fiddley.

BTW I have tried changing the automation settings to ask Always or Never etc but it makes no difference.

Does anybody know how to do this?

Many thanks,
Put a "dummy" region on the aux tracks, and then use the automation menu command to convert track based automation to region based automation. Then you can move/cut/copy/paste the dummy region as needed and the automation will be moved with it. Think of the dummy aux track region as a placeholder for the automation. Once you are done, you can convert the RBA back to TBA.
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