Logic Pro 9 automation parameter's difficult to hunt down


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I'm trying to determine if my automation assignment techniques can be simplified or not.

I've been fooling around with the monster that is the CS80 plug by Arturia. I've mapped the parameters I want to control to various knobs/faders on my axiom via the plugin itself (1. do you guys use this technique too or do you use your Logic's automation preferences to assign?).

There are so many parameters in this plugin that can be automated, that to even find which one you've just written to your sequence via your hardware controller involves scrolling down an ENORMOUS list of truncated names (that look like acronyms you'd find on an ACME spacecraft).

2. Is there any kind of "view all active automation" function that would simply let you view which parameters have been affected or do you really need to hunt down your specific one each time to make additional fine-tuned edits.


Peter Ostry

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Normally we use Logic's Controller Assignments. Then only the parameters you actually changed are in the automation view.

I do not know the Aturia CS80, so I don't know which messages it sends and if it works well with Controller Assignments. Use the expert view, you may have to adjust some learned parameters in the assignment window.
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