Logic Pro 8 automation problem



I'm still trying to understand automation. I was using the morph ball on FM8 in the "write" mode and as I moved ball arround the grid I could clearly hear the morphing going on the see the results on screen, but when I went to play it back the sound reverted to the same state it was in before the automation even as it moved over the automation. What am I doing wrong?

Colin Shapiro

Here's how

Open FM8 and go to the Master page. On the left is a list of Controller numbers. You'll see that Morph X and Morph Y are (probably) set to -1 (very odd as this is not a valid number)
Change these values to unused Controller numbers eg:
22 for Morph X
23 for Morph Y

Now select your FM8 track in the Logic Arrange. Enable Automation.
Open the Flip menu and you'll see hundreds of parameters for FM8. Select Morph X.
Click the little triangle bottom left of the track to open a second Automation "lane". Select Morph Y

Set Automation to Touch in Logic
Go into record and just move the Morph square in FM8
Logic should instantly write the correct automation values.

Hope this helps
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