Logic Pro Automation Question

Jay Denson

Say I have a region with lots of automation and I want to lower or raise the overall level without altering the changes inside the region. Is there a way to do this?

Obviously I can insert a Gain plug-in in the channel and deal with it that way. But if I have a group of, say, six tracks with the same automation I would have to insert six Gain plug-ins and set them all the same. OK, not too much hassle but not the most elegant solution.

Any ideas? TIA Jay
Such similar tracks are usually organized as a "subgroup". Route their outputs to an AUX channelstrip and set the common level there with the volume fader or, maybe better, with a Gain Plugin.

If you add the AUX channel to the arrange window as a track, you can also automate it.

You are in Logic X. Check the new "Track Stacks" function. Basically a "summing track" is a subgroup but you may find it comfortable.
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Hi Peter

The tracks in question are in a stack already. If I bus them to another aux (and then route that aux to the stack bus) I'm left with the problem that individual channel sends (mostly reverbs) are left hanging if I change the new aux level. I use track stacks a lot. It's a great feature.

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I got it. You marquee the section of automation you want to raise or lower. Grab any point in the automation track and pull it up or down. Exactly what I wanted to do.

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