Logic Pro (X) Automation with Massive's Pitchbend


New Member
I'm relatively new to Logic Pro X, and I'm struggling on how to latch pitch wheel data from my midi keyboard as automation in Logic Pro X, with the Pitchbend limits set in Massive's main OSC window. When I turn on automation, I see pitch bend for the individual OSC1, 2, and 3, but not global pitch bend.

I know you can edit global pitch data in the Logic's step editor, but that doesn't seem to correspond to the limits I set in Massive (+/-12), it requires the section I'm bending not be a looped region (as far as I can tell), it doesn't sound the same as when I pitch with the wheel, and for some reason I can't understand, when I use the step editor to bend pitch, it changes the sound of other parts of my midi region that don't have pitch bend applied.

Is there some automation parameter that will just let me latch my pitch wheel? Any help would be great