Autosave + bring back the backup count setting!


I haven't been this pissed at Apple in a very long time. After digging all through every conceivable place for the global setting to alter the number of backups stored in the backup folder, I have just learned that it was removed in Logic 8. WTF? What would possess Apple to remove this preference?

In Logic 7, I had 50 or 100 backups present in the backup folder at all times. The default has been changed to 10. Who asked me if that was ok? Certainly not Apple. I had to recover my session from my daily backups.

Furthermore, why isn't there an autosave function yet? Having to use a third party application to do this ought to send a clear message, but apparently it's falling on deaf ears. (Here is the 3rd party app which works great, btw!)

This is what I found on the Apple support forum regarding the number of backups in the .bak folder (fortunately there is a workaround mentioned, which I'm about to try):

There was a preference item in previous Logic versions that let you specify the number of autobackup files you wanted. This preference was removed from Logic 8, and was set at 10.

If you want to change the value, you can do it by editing the preference file, to give you 50 or 100 backups etc. It's been covered here before, a search should pull it up...​

Way to remove a critical pro feature, Apple. What else should I expect from a company that thought people were too stupid for a two button mouse for over a decade. (Apple, you know I love you. We'll kiss and make up later, but right now, I'm plain pissed off!)

Nice tip, thanks,

now to the apple skript cracks:
Is there a way to automatically open "LogicAutoSave" when "Logic Pro" is opened.
Especially when Logic is opened by double clicking a Logic song
There's a really really simple way to control the number of backups Logic generates without having to use an app to edit the Plist file. All you need to do is open the Terminal and type in the following:

defaults write MaxBackupsToKeep 3

or 10 or 6 or whatever.

That's it!
Good point, but you'd have to know what to type. Most people will not retain that information. The better question is, why in hell did Apple remove the interface control for this setting in the first place? Workflow simplification? Pffffft
No, but I bet the script can be altered so that when you open LogicAutoSave, it opens Logic Pro automatically. :) Don't ask me how, though (haha). But I'm sure it would be easy to google a script scrap that launches an app.