Logic Pro (X) Autosave?

Colin Shapiro

I keep reading about Autosave in Logic X, but I can't anything in the help or any prefs - nothing at all.

Are there any user settings for Autosave, or does it just work behind the scenes?
AFAIK Autosave works invisibly in the background. The only time you will be aware of it is when you restart after a Logic crash. You will be prompted to decide if you want Logic to re-open your crashed project from the most recent autosave (which will likely be just minutes before the crash) or your last saved version. Which is, of course, whenever you last saved it before the crash.

I think it's a brilliant system actually. It's the best of both worlds. Control for the user to decide what and when to save. And insurance in case of a crash.

I know that I often use the ability to manually save or not save when experimenting. For example if I want to take a chance and try something wild that I'm not sure will work or not, I often save first, perform the experimenting, and then decide if I like it and will save again, or use the revert to save command to return to the previously saved state.

Thankfully autosave doesn't interfere with that sort of freedom.
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Thanks Eli.
Is there still the old function of keeping .bak folders of versions or has that gone now?

Strange that Apple hasn't included the new OS-type Versions option for older...versions. I mean the one where you point to the name of the file at the top of the open window and get a little arrow which opens to options to browse older versions.

I suppose Logic projects are too complex to do this.
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I think it seems like the new "project alternatives" function is the intended substitute for the old .bak backup files.
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What's cool about the Alternatives feature is you can rename each "alternative" version whatever you like while still keeping the same project name. So you can save the project as the name of the song, and then have subversions that are actually stored within the same project. It's a pretty nice system. I'll be using it quite a bit for different mix snapshots.
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I'm curious how it will interface with the "save as" function for me. I was thinking it was redundant, but I can see uses for it now that I've looked at it.
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The one thing that makes me a bit nervous about the Project Alternatives function, is that there doesn't seem to be any way to access them in the Finder. Hmmm, I wonder if the File Import function will see them???
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Doug and I did some experimenting over Skype. And the good news is, that the new project alternatives, although not able to be accessed directly in the finder, can be accessed with the import feature!

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