Logic Pro 9 Aux channel strip to .wav


Hey Guys -
I'm trying to output an Aux channel strip to a .wav file and I'm not sure how to do it. I'm creating what are know as stems, basically just one track like only guitar for instance. Normally I would just export as an audio file. However, this one requires a few tracks to be grouped together, post effects and then turned into a .wav I tried just soloing each track and bouncing it all down, but the file is really huge and I assume I'm getting all the tracks, you just can't hear them. Am I correct?

So what I'm trying to get is 3 separate tracks from a mult-track mix isolated as one .wav file, post effects. I was told I could do this using a grouped Aux channel, but maybe I'm missing something. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks as always.

Use region solo not track solo then just bounce the stereo output. When using track solo you won't hear the aux returns as as they are not soloed.
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