Avantone CK 7 microphones


Hi All,

A buddy of mine is selling a pair of Avatnone CK 7 mics. I have no experience with them. Does anyone here know them? Has anyone around here used them and have any constructive feedback to offer on them? I'd be using them mostly for either drum over heads or for vocals. Possibly some single instruments as well (violin, acoustic guitar, etc) I'm mostly interested in using them in cardioid pattern.
Hey Eddie,

I'm way ahead of you :) I had him over today and we put them to the test. I recorded my drums with them as overheads and then A/B'd them with my Neuman KM 184s that I usually use as overheads. And then I had a vocalist over and recorded her doing two takes. One with the Avantone and one with an AudioTechnica 2020.

I LOVED the Avantone mics in both cases. They have switchable pickup patterns. I had never recorded my drums with omni directional overheads - WOW; what a difference! I was sold instantly at that point. And then with the vocals; I found it colored the tone way more than the AT 2020; but in a very pleasing way.

I bought them on the spot. And am anxious to explore my new little world of overhead omnidirectional drum micing in my home studio!

They seemed
On another note...

Do you plan on making a tutorial for Mainstage anytime soon? Seems like a natural progression to your tutorial series...

Nice to hear that those Avant's are working out for you- Avant is a great bunch of folks too... small independent American company (although the mics themselves are built in China...the American quality control is top notch for the price point)
Hi Eddie,

There's nothing in the works for Mainstage at the moment. But that is a really good idea. I'll run it buy the Groove 3 guys!

Yeah, I was very impressed with these Avantones. Especially that they compared so favorably to my Neumans; which are my only real "flagship" mics :)
I had never recorded my drums with omni directional overheads - WOW; what a difference!

Couldn't have put it better myself Eli, I use Omni pattern for all sorts of stuff, quite apart from theri "traditional" use as a main steroe pair, omni can be great with vocals, guitar amps, horns, and most certainly drums!

If your room isn't great, try placing some sort of acoustic barrier behind the mics to reduce rear reflections, allowing a more direct signal, but still availing of the sonic benefits of the omni characteristic.

kind regards

I'm way ahead of you. I've already built three free standing sound panels that I can place where needed. And that's why the Omnis work so well - the room sound and reflections are deadened just the right amount.

I have a low ceiling and, when I moved in here, was worried it would be problematic for recording drums; but I've seemed to work around that built in limitation alright.