Logic Pro 9 Avid changed name on latest Eleven Rack driver...

Just downloaded and installed the v1.05 Eleven Rack driver. I have had the Eleven Rack since it was first released, and have been using it with both PT LE 8.05 and Logic 9.1.5 on a 2009 Nehalem Mac Pro. Getting ready to move up a version or two, so I figured I would experiment with the v1.05 (11R) driver.

Pro Tools 8.05 recognized it right away, with no fuss. However, Logic had no output until I tweaked the preferences, because the new 1.05 driver is called "Avid Eleven rack" --> the Logic preferences had to be reset from the old "Digidesign Eleven Rack" driver. I shut down and repowered both the computer and 11R, then checked Audio-MIDI setup. Looked okay in there, so opened Logic. Once I selected the new v1.05 "Avid Eleven Rack" driver, the output was fine and the obsolete "Digidesign Eleven Rack" driver went POOF.

Not everybody will have this issue, but if you use your Eleven Rack as a front end to other non-Avid applications, you might keep it in mind.

I was also experimenting running both Logic and OSX 10.6.8v1.1 in full 64 bit mode, so was not sure if that was the problem. But the issue was the name change for the driver.

PT 8.05 ran fine in the 64 bit Snow Leopard, and a little snappier, even though PT is still 32 bit.

Still have to pop for the EREP, too.
Could I get your read on the Eleven R -
I am thinking about picking one up this week -
Currently I've been using AT3, PodFarm2., and sometimes the Logic Amps - with success - but the software monitoring, etc etc = really can be a headache.
I'd prefer to just track in logic - the eleven would allow me to 1) have a dedicated gtr box.... that would allow me to track into logic with 1) the effected signal and 2) a clean signal that I can send out to reamp later - / I can get the 11R for $625.00 - and it comes with a voucher for PT10, (as there is no more LE) - plus it comes with the expansion for the 11R as well as another bundle for PT - actually I've never been a PT guy.. but heck its like getting it for free.

Question - does the 11R interface well with Logic? - I know the GUI is a PT only benefit as well as embedding patch presets in the audio files - but how about the dry and clean signal routing, re-amping - does it wok well with L9?
I was thinking about kist routing into my patch bay and going Analog in/out of my rosetta - I was given the advice to steer clear of 11R and go with the new Pod Pro HD - as its routing was like heaven compared to 11R // as I have PodFarm2 Pro - I kind of had my fill with Line6 sound.
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Create a new thread under Studio Techniques. The answer would not be directly related to Logic. My point in this thread is that after I updated to the latest driver, I could not hear any output. It took some fiddling to get my output back.

I will answer your thread in Studio Techniques.
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