Logic Pro (X) Axiom 25 Rotary Controller Assignments

Steve Jorgensen

New Member
I tried to map a knob on the Axiom 25 keyboard controller to a Smart Control in Logic Pro X using learn. It learned the knob assignment, but didn't work right. When I turned the knob on the Axiom 25, the Smart Control knob just jumped between minimum & maximum positions.

By experimenting in the Controller Assignments, Expert View, I was finally able to make it seem to work. I'm far from certain that it works right reason though or in the most straightforward way. Also, if I have to change these things after every time I map a knob, it's going to be severely annoying.

Any advice?

What I did in the Expert View that finally seemed to work was...

  1. Change "Format" from "2's Complement" to "1's Complement".
  2. Change "Multiply" from 1.0 to -0.1 (was moving way too fast & in the wrong direction otherwise)
"Mode" was already "Relative" & no other mode seems to work regardless of other settings.