Logic Pro 8 Axon 50 set-up


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Would anybody be interested in doing step-by-step explanation of how to make Axon50 work in LogicPro ? I see that few people use this, or any other pitch to midi converter, but I can not find it anywhere how to set up. Axon's manual refers to Cubase, and Logic never explains this situation. Or does it ?
External MIDI input Object finds USB port 1 and 2, but is that the way ? I have no idea.
My Firepod has MIDI in&out which I use for CM motormix
Only thing I need is to use guitar instead of keyboard to record midi in Logic, nothing fancy.
People were talking about double trigger, Transform Window clean-up and so on, so obviously it works. I don't know if it complicated to explain or not, but I can not find this info. Any help is much appreciated.

Peter Ostry

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It should just work, without a plugin or something special. Do you see incoming messages in Logic when you play the guitar? If yes, you can record on an instrument track. Set the tracks MIDI channel to "All".


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only volume

Thanks for reply. No midi in or our when I play, but when I move volume knob on midi pick-up, volume on the channel moves from 0 /zero/ to -8, or -9 dB ?
Is it possible that Firepods midi In/Out is interfering, or being "in charge " ?

Now that i turned Axon off, but turn on Logic again, its says :
Instrument "axon ax50 usb port1" sends to a midi port named "port1" of MIDI interface which no longer exists. And same thing for "port 2". After turning Axon on, it's there again, with lots of midi channels in the mixer.

I don't know if any of this helps, just trying to provide more info. I was under impression that it should be "plug'n'play", but it didn't work out like that.

maybe some other suggestions ?

Marc Schonbrun

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I have an AX 50 at home with Logic Pro 8. I will take a look at my settings when I get home. Why don't you try going MIDI out to your Presonus for right now and see how that is? I honestly don't think the USB is faster (actually, I know it's not) and it tends to pick up ground loops from the 13-pin cable and the USB. I use my AX50 via MIDI into my interface for that reason.

Marc Schonbrun

Doug Zangar

I have the same unit - I had some odd behavior recently like you describe. I also have a Yamaha G-50 so I tested with that and knew the pick-up worked. I was going to re-install the editor and firmware - discovered there was an update and installed that. Everything works as advertised now.

So, maybe try to initialize to factory settings (if this exists?) or look to re-install software. This really is a plug and play unit, with performance adjustments done in the editor. Hopefully that will help.


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Hi everybody
Thanks for taking interest in this problem. I do have latest firmware, and Axon tuner works, so I tried something else, connecting Instrument Out and my amp, and guess what, no sound, but a big buzz, like ground loose or something. All the audio cables work, but I have no sound. Editor says Mac In/Out USB port 1 and Logic can see the Axon, so I don't think this is a MIDI, or Logic, and if it s a plug and play, its not set-up issue. Could be simply Axon hardware, their cable, but at least now I know it should just work, no set-up necessary. If anybody can offer more help its great, but I dont want to clog Logic Group with Axon problem. Thanks again, for all the help