Logic Pro Backing Up Logic X install


Downloading from the App Store is the recommended method of re-installing, or installing on a different Mac.

So how does one back up this installation locally in the absence of an installer app?

In process of troubleshooting maddening kernel panics (documented here and elsewhere, now hopefully soon to be resolved with a motherboard replacement), I copied LPX on to an older ML 10.8.2 backup on an external USB drive.

It didn't work...because ML needed to be updated. Once the 10.8.5 update was installed from the App Store, LPX worked!

Here's what I manually copied from my main hard drive:
- The Logic Pro X 10.0.3 application in the Applications folder.

- Mac Hard Drive>Library>Application Support>Logic folder
- Mac Hard Drive>Library>Application Support>GarageBand folder

- Mac Hard Drive>Library>Apple Loops folder
- Mac Hard Drive>Library>Impulse Responses>Apple folder

- User>Library>Application Support>Logic folder
- User>Library>Application Support>GarageBand folder
- User>Music>Audio Music Apps folder

I am not recommending that anyone use this method, especially for a critical set up. Then again, users have had to learn how to make USB flash drive or DVD installers of Lion and ML.

When my 2010 MPB is returned, I'll make a fresh archive of LPX 10.0.3 in preparation for installing a new Crucial 480 GB internal SSD. I'll report back in a few days.
After installing ML on the new drive, I installed LPX 10.0.3 from the App Store with the basic 2GB of additional content rather than dragging the app into place from my back up. Reason being, a Genius indicated that frequent kernel panics may have impacted Logic.

As a result, the initial install history receipt was pretty skimpy. Interesting to note however, that after the files listed above were manually dragged into place within a matter of minutes versus hours, the Download Additional Content menu item indicated that all content was installed. :thmbup:
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