Logic Pro 9 Backing up workflow


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Before I start the "backing up" subject, I'm glad to say that I'm done obsessing with Flex tool and I can promise everybody that I'll stop ranting about it (at least for a couple of weeks :D). Peter Ostry's latest posts on the thread "On the verge of giving up" are fundamental for a sound understanding of this tool and I strongly recomend everybody to read them.

Now, on a brand new topic, what's the best way to backup a project you're still working on, one that is still in progress?
I have two external hard drives, the 500GB I use for the ongoing projects, and the 1TB for storage and general back up. What's the best way to handle this?



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You can use the "save a copy as" command, checking that all assets are going to be saved with the project and putting it onto the second HD you have.

But it really makes sense to have a back up strategy for everything on your system, and ensure that this is being carried out regularly.

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Why not just use Time Machine?

Also Logic keeps backups of its own projects. There is a preference for how many versions to keep.


Peter Ostry

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I am not sure if the question was about backup only or about a workflow. My workflow has to do with backups and version management.

When I record other people (which happens rarely) I burn the recorded files to a DVD, just to avoid losing them. For my own things I don't do that because normally I repeat most of the first recordings as the song grows (I don't always have a plan for a song).

After recording I put everything together in a Logic project, select the takes, cut them, make some corrections, bounce them if necessary. The result are continuous tracks with everything in place. This gets saved with an abbreviation of the temporary song name and the suffix _raw. For example, a song named "Trust Me" would become a project TM_raw.

Then I save a copy of that file, copying all audio files to a new project called TM_mix_1. Here I do most of the arrangement and mix but this version does seldom have automation or effects like reverb. When I am basically happy, I copy to another project, again with all audio files, and name that i.e. TM_mix_2. This is my final project, everything I can do myself is done here.

It happens quite often that I throw mix_2 away because I changed my mind or am not happy with the development of the song. Then I start again with a fresh copy of mix_1.

And finally I lose everything due to a disk crash and hope that TimeMachine did a good job ...