Logic Pro 8 Backup/Audio File question


Prior to backing up a project, I spent quite some time combining multiple regions into a single region on each track. I then went to the audio bin, chose "select unused," was duly warned that these files would be removed from the hard disc, and clicked "delete." So now in the audio bin there are only the files which I see in the Arrange--which is exactly what I want.

But the hard drive itself still has all the original audio regions and does not reflect the combining and renaming of the audio regions which I performed in the audio bin. The audio bin contains the forty (or so) regions in the Arrange. The "audio files" folder in the project folder contains the 151 original files, all with their original names.

My goal was the backup the project with only the relevant files. I'm apparently doing this incorrectly. I seek enlightenment.

logic not deleting the files seems a tad odd.. does the file path of the merged regions point to the same place as where the original regions are?

im thinking the merged files and the original files are actually in different places ( for some weird reason)

i would just either:
save the project as a new project(and copying the assets, then deleting the old project) or consolidate the project with the relevant settings.
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Hi Jim,

You said in your original post that once you selected unused you "clicked delete". In order to delete then from your hard drive you need to do two things. First you need to select delete from under the audio file menu (or use the key command). You can't just use the delete key on your keyboard; that will only remove it from the project, not the hard drive.

The second thing you need to do is choose to remove them permanently from your drive in the ensuing dialogue box that comes up once you invoke the delete files command. This two step process helps in ensuring accidents don't happen from acting hastily. You need to take these two steps for them to be removed. The first alone won't do it. The default highlighted option in the delete dialogue box that comes up (if you hit return or enter) is to keep the files.
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