Logic Pro 9 Bad Install Discs

Jeff Deckner

I purchased Logic Studio from an online vendor that is well known to readers of this forum. Upon trying to run the Install disc I found that the disc can be heard spinning but after a few seconds ejects without showing me so much as a window or message of any kind. The consensus was that the disc was bad and that I should send it back. The vendor agreed and I sent it back. I asked for a replacement which arrived today. The Install disc from the replacement behaves exactly the same way. Although it seems to spin for a longer time, it eventually ejects.

I'm pissed. If this is what passes for quality control at Apple, I'm looking at Pro Tools or another platform. I've been reading a lot of other people's experiences and it seems like there are plenty of similar stories. :brkwl:
Wow, you would actually change DAW's because of a bad installer disc. Good luck with that. Hope you like the PT CPU efficiency ;-)

I can suggest something that can resolve your issue: have you tried another computer? I ask because I had a very similar issue when I got Logic Studio 2, and discovered that my computer didn't like the disc, but my laptop was fine with it. So I made a disc image of the "bad" disc, and copied it to my other Mac, mounted it, and installed Logic.

I would suggest you give this a try. I used the Mac Disc Utility to make the image.
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I'm just frustrated. This isn't a cheap program and I feel like the QC should be better. I'm still not clear on the procedure of making a disc image. Assuming the Install disc can be read on someone else's computer, are you suggesting I burn a DVD of the disc image and put that in my computer?
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It seems my daughter's MacBookPro can read the Logic disc. Interesting. Does this mean my drive is bad?

I have a similar issue with my macpro. Some install discs work some don't. The ones that don't all work fine if I use my external (firewire) CD/DVD drive.

I also find that drive is very picky when it comes to burning CDs. It will sometimes burn a disc but then give me an error message, though the disc actually appears fine. Other times it won't born. Other times it's fine.
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Your drive is fine... they are all a bit picky. As for the suggestion: copy the disc and transfer it to a portable hard drive. Mount the drive on your main computer, and copy the disc image over to it, then mount it and do the install as you normally would. When it comes to needing that disc, it will go to the image.

It works great... in fact, I do tech installs and have all my Logic Pro 9 discs stored like this for when I need to do a new install... takes me about 20 minutes, compared to the between 2.5 to about 6 hours it can take depending on the computer.
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This reminds me of a car C.D player I had... it would work perfectly with old CD's- day in and out. But when I would put a brand new CD almost every time, it would make a loud spinning sound. After a year or so, I figured that it must be slipping. So I would put something like a little saliva around where it grabbed the disc and Voila.
I'm not suggesting that you spit in your computer, but I would bet that this is the issue. It just can't grab! :tongue:
Good Luck
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