[BAND] Academie of FarSide


Hi all!

I've been around in old Logic Forum and now I'm here :)

I always wanted to share my main project in music and I think there wasn't enough room in the old forum to do it.

I have an explorative band (some might call it prog band) called Academie of FarSide and Logic plays an important role for the band. I want to share it with all of you here and who knows we might getting new fans as well :D

check out our sites at:
www.myspace.com/academieoffarside.net Check out some of our music here
our facebook page
our friendster

Also in CD Baby:
www.cdbaby.com/aofarside & www.cdbaby.com/aofarside2

Thanks for reading and please check out our music, we look forward to hear what you think about it.