Logic Pro 9 Banjo Tablature !!!Help!!!


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I've configured a tablature setting In Logic Pro 9 for 5-string Banjo and it causes some bizarre behavior when I try to score a song. While working in the score editor, the tablature that is generated from the music notation I specify is way off the mark. In fact, all tablature generated appears on one line, no matter what note I place in the score. After playing around with the banjo tablature configuration I created, I can tell that Logic seems to be getting confused by the high G(top) string of the banjo. I realize the string arrangement on a 5-string banjo is unique, but I would think Logic should be able to handle this configuration. Am I missing something??

Thanks in advance for any help with this very frustrating problem.


I've done a lot of guitar tab over the years in Logic and the secret is to assign a separate MIDI channel for each string. That's how the program knows how to assign what pitch to what string. I do this automatically by playing in my parts on a MIDI guitar controller that is assigned to give each string a unique MIDI channel.

I admit this is not as smooth if you have to do this by hand. Hope this helps. If you want to post here or e-mail me your Logic file, I'll take a look at it.
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