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I am a new Logic Studio user and I am using an Akai mpk61 controller. I have started the process of using the "learn" command to assign functions to the various faders, knobs, etc. I am wondering if someone can briefly explain how the assignments work when it comes to whats active on the screen. If i assign the same fader a function in a plug in, an instrument, in a channel strip, in the mixer, when does the overlap become a problem? When do I need to change presets, etc on the controller?

This depends on your assignments.

If you choose "Fader Bank" in the Controller Assignments, Logic concentrates on the current fader bank (a group of 8 channelstrips) and the number 1-8 of the channelstrips in this fader bank. If you assign a plugin parameter and the volume fader of the first channelstrip to the same controller, they will both react to your controller. Regardless if the plugin is on track 1, 9, 13, 17 and so on, each first channel of the current fader bank.

If you choose "Selected Channelstrip" in the Controller Assignments, Logic just concentrates on the currently selected channelstrip. If both of your assignments are valid for the current strip, both parameters get controlled. If not, only one or none parameter reacts.

In certain cases you may choose a dedicated channelstrip number as the controlled object. Then everything is up to you, you can program overlaps or avoid them. The bigger problem may be to find the correct channelstrip because the strips are numbered internally, not as they appear in the mixer.

As you may already know, there is a preference that says how many parameters you allow for one controller. If you are going to program overlaps, you want to increase this number. By default two parameters per controller are allowed.
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That helps. So is there a max amount of different control change messages Logic can receive total? Is it 128 times 16 (midi channels)? Depending on whats active at the time?

Thanks again for the newbie advice!
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So is there a max amount of different control change messages Logic can receive total? Is it 128 times 16 (midi channels)?
Yes, this is what MIDI is capable of.

But not only Control Change, Logic can process all types of MIDI messages and use them for controlling purposes. Control Change, Program Change, Channel- and Poly Aftertouch, Pitchbend, Notes and SysEx.

And all of them from all MIDI ports you have available. Means, all hardware ports and all virtual ports. The IAC bus is a virtual port for example. And Software can create it's own virtual input and output ports.
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