Logic Pro (X) Basic monitoring question

Hi All, I'm pretty new to logic (proX) and hope someone can help with a real newbie question. I have a couple of tracks recorded and running fine (1 drummer and 1 software keyboard) - all good so far - but I have added an electric guitar track and can't hear my guitar when the other tracks are playing back or recording. The guitar signal is getting in, I can hear it when the other recorded tracks aren't playing back, I can see it on the levels meter, the guitar is recording and I can hear it on recording playback along with the other tracks. So I guess I've made some basic monitoring/routing error. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Do you have input monitor or record activated?

You should be able to hear yourself when record button is activated ( during recording )
and when input monitor is activated, you don't have to be recording.
Actually you can even record yourself without activating record button when the input monitor is activated...
Try it.
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Thanks yep, that's working now. Strange, I tried all connotations of I and R buttons on and off before but it just wouldn't behave! I wonder if there is some bug here as I quite often have quirks that require I remove the USB leading from my Focusrite Saffire 6 interface - the most common is a loud static noise, which goes away once USB remove, reinserted. I'm wondering if this is similar. Kind regards, JWD
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Yes, probably does occur after computer has gone into sleep mode overnight. It's intermittent so I'm not 100% sure, but seems that I can use Logic absolutely fine but then I come back to it maybe the next day after the computer has been idle (rarely turn it off fully overnight) and when I go into a previously fully working project I get the "static" noise, which disappears after unplug/plug of the USB from the Saffire interface. Same thing happened to me in GarageBand before I got Logic last month. Or did you just mean had I had enough sleep? :)
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