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First of all, hello everyone! I'm new to this forum. I've recently switched to Mac and started using Logic. To be more exact, continue using as I had used Logic until v5. Lots of things have changed since then. Anyway...

I'd like to ask a question about how to navigate within the arrange window. I was trying to set it up the way I want but I did not manage.:( How do you guys zoom in/out vertically/horizontally? I'd prefer using the mouse-wheel rather then moving the cursor to the slider - or a shortcut. Can you share some tips ? Thanks!


Doug Zangar

The mouse scroll wheel (or two fingers on touch pad) plus keyboard modifiers work for me.

Scroll plus command: move along X axis (time line)
Scroll plus command and option: zoom in/out along X axis
Scroll: move along Y axis
Scroll plus option: zoom in/out along Y axis

Note: shift and command keys are interchangeable
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