Basic Recording Question


Hi all.
I'm about a month in to using Logic Pro, after about 25 yrs using Cubase - there are few basics that are puzzling me and any help would be massively appreciated.
In Cubase if I was recording a tricky section (e.g. a short vocal phrase), I would drag the playhead to where I wanted to start playback/recording from, and hit Record (short cut key), then stop (key) when I'd finished attempting the phrase. If it wasn't quite right, I could start again with just two more key strokes (Delete to clear the attempt, and Record again). Really quick. This seems to be difficult to do in Pro Logic, but I guess it's possible???? Part of the problem is that the playhead doesn't return to it's previous position automatically in Logic (which is default behaviour in Cubase) so I have to keep manually dragging it back (a real drag!). The only way I can find to mimick this is to setup a loop section, but that's not very efficient as I have to keep moving the loop section when I want to record a section - and I don't want to loop anyway. Secondly, when I hit delete to reject the recording Logic always asks me if I'm sure (popup) which is another click so again just not very efficient. Has anyone figured out a neat workflow in this scenario?


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One way to deal with returning the playhead to a previously determined position on the timeline would be to start off by using the key command "set left locator by playhead" - obviously you willl need to have the playhead at the appropriate position on the timeline, but you only have to do this once. After that, the key commands "go to left locator" or perhaps better for your needs: "Stop and go to left locator" should allow you to quickly return the playhead to where you want it to be. AFAIK, both of these keycommands are unnasigned, you need to open the key command list, find them and then assign them to whatever suitable key or key combination is available.

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