Logic Pro 9 Basic Tools Question


I'm back from about 5 years ago. I just got logic 9 and I can't find the scissors for the life of me.

Please Help.
the esc key ( at the top left of your qwerty kybd) will bring up the tool box..


at the top right of your arrange window are two boxes, one for the primary tool, one for the secondary ( accesed via the cmd key.. which is where i keep my scissors tool)

or esc+5 will change to the scissors tool NB: tool will show up once you are over a region.

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wow man thanks!! Gotta any advice on the snap tool. I have it set to "beat" yet when I click cursor to where I want the needle it doesn't snap???
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just set it to "auto".. i cant remember the last time i changed it.. and ive been using logic for 12 years...
hold down the ctrl key for finer resolution,, and ctrl+shift for finer still ( after you get a hold of the region, or trim,or scissors,etc

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