Logic Pro 9 Bass station Validation failure + Interface advise


Hi everyone,

I recently bought an imac core 2 duo with os x 10.6.2 and Logic studio 9 which I've updated to 9.1.1. :thmbup:

I installed some AU plugins the other day, one of them being Novation bass station and it gave me the failed validation message. I can go into the AU manager and activate it and it appears to work ok but of course I deactivated it and haven't used it as I don't want to stuff anything.

Why does this happen?
Can it be rectified?
And if it can't be fixed will it wreck anything if I use it anyway?

I'm also in the market for an audio interface, I've been looking at the Presonus firestudio mobile or the M-audio profire 610.

Anyone have experience with either of these using a similar setup?
Or does anyone have a recommendation of a similar/better product?
Of course there are better interfaces out there but this is the feature and price range in looking at.

I've been hanging around for a couple of weeks now and I've picked up some very useful tips. I find this place much more informative and user friendly than the other forums. Thanks again...


Sometimes they work just fine and there are no "visible/audio" issues, but that check is there for a reason.

I would recommend sending the failure information to Novation and asking for a status update.

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Thanks for the advise FoKuS. I didn't need to contact them I just went to the web site and downloaded an update of bass station and it fixed the problem. Just put in my serial number again and away it went.
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