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Is there a way to batch create or automate the creation of a new set of EXS24 instruments from a folder of samples?

Here's what I need to do...
I have a folder containing 500 WAV synth stabs, I would like to create a new EXS24 instrument for each sample (so the sample is spanned across the entire keyboard) and have the instruments named Stab01, Stab02.....Stab500.

If it was only a few that needed doing i'd do it manually by creating a new instrument, dragging in "Stab1.wav" saving as "Stab01.exs" and then dragging in "Stab2.wav" to replace stab1 and saving as "Stab02.exs" but as you can imagine, doing this 500 times will be a pain in the a**s.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
I don't think there's any kind of "automatic" way of doing this.

Me neither.

However, it'd probably be an idea to import all the audio files into a song and then fool around with the rather new "convert regions into sampler instrument" function. With stabs there should be no more transient markers than just one (plus, you could set the threshold yourself, too, in case there are or simply use the region based option for the automatic EXS instrument creation). Still not exactly a batch process but probably easier than editing things inside the EXS editor.

- Sascha
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